The Queen of Valkyries


Birfday. I’m 25 today.

Send your happy birfday wishes if you want. I sadly lack amusing gifs to reply to them with. Or the knowledge of how to do so.


88 Bells a turnip this morning…
84 once noon rolled over. Shit. I’m in a decreasing pattern I think. Looks like I better browse the turnip prices tag.


Kittens Playpen Custom Order Giveaway!

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Goodluck Everyone!


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Anonymous asked: 1, 3, 22, 32, 34, 84, 96

1. -thinks back to the last person that said that- Mmmm… I’d say so, yes~

3: Just a few days ago actually. Thankfully, the happiness came from being able to chat about my emotional breakdown with a few friends.

22. I haven’t been kissed on the forehead by anyone, so I cannot say for sure.

32. When they are actual -scary- movies, yes~

34. My entire 23rd year.

84. Lots and lots of cuddles most likely. And maybe some netflix.

96. Yes. Very yes~