The Queen of Valkyries


support nonbinary people who aren’t completely androgynous

support femme trans men

support masculine trans women

just because someone doesn’t fit into the stereotype of their identity doesn’t mean they aren’t valid

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thequeenofvalkyries asked: Three characters? Madoka, Asuka, and Naoto Shirogana


Really? o.o why? and more specifically why Naoto?

Madoka - Tiny and cute, and it’s how I first met you.
Asuka - You got the personality (and seriously pull th elook off very well)
Naoto I just realized was a poor choice, as I forgot that Naaoto does not identify as male, just dresses male. So I retract the Naoto statement and instead replace her with… … … Um… … Nope. I don’t have a third character. Curse my stupid brain. CURSE IT I SAY!